How can I help preserve Vancouvers Golf Courses

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We have a new Park Board; How do we go forward?

Current Information on Golf Strategy Report

In November 2020, management were directed to postpone non-essential capital investments and maintenance improvements until completion and implementation of the golf strategy. (Somewhat ironically, this did not affect previously budgeted and much needed drainage improvements at Langara, but has had significant deleterious effects at other courses, especially McCleery.)

Also in November 2020, management were wrongly directed to transfer the golf reserve fund (initially established as a fund to pay for future upgrades to the courses, and therefore paid by golfers) to general revenues and further to use the money to pay for the Golf Strategic Initiative. Fortunately this was quashed.

In November 2021, management recommendations to increase golf fees by 3% for 2022, were over ruled instead voting to raise them by 5%, while increasing all other fees by only the recommended 3%. This resulted even though golf courses in 2021 delivered to the Park Board a surplus of some $6.2 million—a profit, paid for by golfers, that was used to subsidize all other operations.

Many of the actions documented above resulted from motions delivered “from the table,” at park board meetings and therefore not subject to public consultation.

This well-documented anti-golf bias is curious for a number of reasons.

All three civic golf courses, including Langara, are booked almost continuously, from dawn to dusk, 365 days a year.

Golf has the highest participation ratio of any Canadian sport, and attracts a diverse demographic reflective of Canadians as a whole.

The greatest proportion of golf’s recent dramatic growth has come from women.

The courses employ forms of integrated pest management that minimize the use of chemical inputs and are designated as Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuaries.

In response to previous threats, Commissioner’s Couper and Barker joined by golfers and environmental groups have come out as strong proponents of Langara’s continued use as a golf course.

Under the Vancouver Charter, the Park Board is independent of City Council and solely charged with delivering park and recreational benefits. In theory this should largely insulate Langara from pressures to convert it to uses such as housing. However, given the anti-golf bias documented above, many worry that the Park Board could go against its own mandate and consider non-recreational uses.


Participation, Diversity and Inclusion – Who Plays Golf?

The municipal golf courses are the most successful Park Board initiative encouraging players of all ages and abilities. The city courses are operated year round.  The capacity of the 3 courses is 72 players an hour, each playing for approximately 4.5 hours. The three courses are all operating at near capacity for at least 8 months/year.  Each course accommodates 900 person hours/day of recreation or 2700 recreation hours over the three courses per day. This is a very impressive statistic, probably not exceeded by any other park or dedicated recreation facility in Vancouver. 

In British Columbia, golf attracts the largest number of participants of any sporting activity. Golf is a lifelong sport and is attractive to many demographics: 5.7 million Canadians play golf, completing approximately 60 million rounds annually. 31% of all golfers in BC are over the age of 65.  More women play golf than any other sport in Canada and they comprise the fastest growing segment of new golfers in BC. Typically, women prefer to play at local public golf courses. 

Diversity & Inclusion
Golf has Modified rules for people with disabilities. Five identified class of golfers — people who are blind , people with amputations, people requiring canes or crutches, people requiring wheelchairs and people with developmental disabilities have rules modified to enable each player.

BC Golfs inclusiveness was recognized during the annual SportBC awards held in March of this year, the very first ‘Delivering On Diversity’ award was presented to the BC Golf Association. The award recognizes a “Provincial, disability, or multi-sport organization that has demonstrated a commitment towards advancing accessibility and inclusion.”

In making the award Minister Mark stated ”I am very pleased tonight to honour and introduce the first recipient of the Delivering on Diversity award, the British Columbia Golf Association for its progress in making golf more welcoming and accessible.

Are there any golf clubs I can join?

In addition to Public Course regular bookings there are a number of Clubs that facilitate competitive play. League play through a number of organizations cater to Business Women & Men, Senior Women & Men, Very Serious Women & Men and those with just a little time to play. The Golf Clubs below play regularly from one or more of the local courses.

Langara Mens Club

Langara Ladies Golf Club

McCleery Golf Club

McCleery Tuesday Ladies Club

McCleery Business Women G.C.

Fraserview Golf Club

Fraserview Tuesday Ladies Golf Club

Fraserview Business Ladies Club

Ladies Only Golf League

Musqueam Ladies Golf Club

West Point Golf Club (Plays year round on all three courses)

UGC Tuesday Ladies Golf Club

UGC Business Women

UGC Junior Golf Society

University Golf Club Weekend Men’s Club

University Golf Club MMGC

Vancouver Chinese Golf Club

Golf Courses in Excellent Condition