Despite Record Profits 2022 Green Fees Increased

The Park Board Administration recommended an across the board 3% increase in 2022 all user fees. Despite 2022 budgeted record profits from golf and a moratorium on non essential maintenance to the golf courses a motion by Commissioner Irwin arbitrarily increased the golf fees by 5%

MOVED by Commissioner Irwin
SECONDED by Commissioner Giesbrecht

THAT the Vancouver Park Board approve changes to the 2022 Fees and Charges, as summarized in the body of this report and detailed in Appendix A, including a 5% increase on 18-hole golf.

In favour: Demers, Dumont, Giesbrecht, Irwin, Mackinnon
Opposed: Coupar

One Reply to “Despite Record Profits 2022 Green Fees Increased”

  1. Another cash grab by the Parks Board. One would think when you
    have a dedicated group of supporters for your business & you are making record profits you would maintain the rates for your services/products at the same level or possibly reduce the costs slightly. Perhaps their agenda is to increase the rates to a level that the average person or retiree can’t afford to play & then when revenues drop it will be the perfect excuse to sell off the golf course lands to the highest bidder. What a sad excuse for a Parks Board.

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