Update 4.21pm Friday 23 Sept Park Board Candidates Meeting

Opportunities to Meet Park Board Candidates.

Park Board All Candidates Meetings (Links Included)

Sept 23: Mount Pleasant Community Centre: 6.30pm, Gym #1 Kingsway @ 7th and Main

Sept 24: TEAM for a Livable Vancouver is hosting a “Meet the Candidates” opportunity at St Anglican Church, 1.00-3.30pm 1130 Jervis St, Vancouver

Sept 27: West End Community Centre: 6.00-9.00pam, Auditorium, Main Floor 870 Denman St.

Sept 29: Hastings Community Centre: doors Open 6.30pm, 3096 Hasting Street East

Oct 3: Kerrisdale Community Centre: 7-9pm, 5851 West Boulevard.

Oct 12: VBGA (VanDusen Botanical Garden): 7-9 p.m. Need to PreBook, (Click on Link)

4 Replies to “Update 4.21pm Friday 23 Sept Park Board Candidates Meeting”

  1. Unfortunately I do not live in Vancouver and therefore cannot vote, but I hope the newly elected board would come to their senses and NOT support those that wish to realign Langara. If it was not for the golfers playing the public courses, the Parks Board would be in financial difficulties and would have to find other ways to fund their programs. Selling part of Langara is short sighted!

  2. Please pass on my message to anyone who wants to save Langara golf course, one that my friends and I play at regularly. As a new senior along with my husband, we plan to play a lot more. Some of our friends are waiting to retire so they can start playing golf again. It’ll be devastating to lose Langara, shorter course, good for seniors. We also use walking trail. Oakridge near by is being developed to the max or soon to be. We need Langara golf course as it is! Thanks.

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