Urgent Help Needed

Dear golfers,

This is an emergency! Last night was the first in a series of All Candidates meetings of Park Board Commissioners. Only two golfers showed up to talk to 16 candidates, all of whom were readily available to speak to voters.

In response to a hostile question from the floor, a majority of candidates indicated they were open to repurposing Langara Golf Course for other uses. The exceptions were TEAM, NPA and ABC candidates. Tricia Barker and fellow Team candidates Kumi Kumura and Michelle Mollineaux powerfully defended golf, as did NPA candidates Dave Pasin and Jason Upton. ABC candidates Jas Virdi and Laura Christianson also spoke in golf’s favour.

Incumbents John Irwin and Gwen Giesbrecht continued their drive to reduce Langara to nine holes, with as yet undetermined uses of the remaining area.

It’s evident that most candidates do not have good information or input from golfers. New candidates are receptive to hear from us, but we’re not showing up.

The crucial ask:
Would you commit to attending one or more All Candidates Meetings? By return email, would you let us know which meetings you will attend? We’ll send along a briefing package on golf and land use to help out.

The list of meetings is on the VGPA web site as well as below.

We await your response!

Park Board All Candidates Meetings:

Sept 23: Mount Pleasant Community Centre: 6.30pm, Gym #1 Kingsway @ 7th and Main
Sept 24: TEAM for a Livable Vancouver is hosting a “Meet the Candidates” opportunity at St Pauls Anglican Church, 1.00-3.30pm 1130 Jervis St, Vancouver
Sept 27: West End Community Centre: 6.00-9.00pam, Auditorium, Main Floor 870 Denman St.
Sept 29: Hastings Community Centre: doors Open 6.30pm, 3096 Hasting Street East
Oct 3: Kerrisdale Community Centre: 7-9pm, 5851 West Boulevard.
Oct 12: VBGA (VanDusen Botanical Garden): 7-9 p.m. Need to PreBook.

28 Replies to “Urgent Help Needed”

  1. We will attend one of the meetings in the future but will have to discuss which one with my wife.Why is this not talked about in the Media?

    1. Thanks for your reply Bob, I guess its not yet the hot topic that media direct their focus. Let me know what meeting you can attend and the VGPA will get background material to you both.


  2. Nick, please count in Dave and Ursula Johannson for Oct. 3 (Kerridale) for certain; Oct. 12 (VanDusen) semi-certain.

  3. Hi,
    I might be able to attend the 27th.
    Has a petition been circulated ( to strongly urge all candidates to vote against this )?
    I do not feel that a few golfers will swing the candidates.
    How does one candidate propose a 9 hole golf course and think this will fly? How does 1 hostile question from the floor accomplish getting the candidates to repurposing land from golf use to other uses?

    1. Hi Rolande
      By subscribing to the web site one adds their name to a petition. I look forward to meeting you on the 27th, check your email for information before you g to the meeting. Absent other information a hostile question has a life. The VGPA has work to do.

  4. I will be attending the Oct 12th meeting and have booked 4 spaces for anyone who would like to join me. Am away until then, unfortunately! Judy

      1. Hello Flo,
        Both Judy and I have reserved four spaces each. We will work out which reservation you can use. Before the 12th we will send you background information and suggested questions.


  5. My husband and I are currently out of the country and don’t get back until October 6th. Otherwise one or both of us would be there.

  6. I just got this email. Sorry I missed meetings as I do not drive at night. I am not a Park’s Board fan. I am well aware the golf courses are well used. I also know they make a profit Obviously some candidates didn’t do their HOMEWORK!
    Being a senior I have now stopped curling and tennis due to safety but at least I can play golf. K. Madore

  7. Hi There,

    I’ve only played golf since 2022 but it is now my number 1 hobby.
    I play once a week and look to the Vancouver courses throughout the rain season, as it is more easy to book during that time and the courses are just amazing. I don’t know if I am in a position to speak about the pros and cons of a public golf course but let me now how I can help.

    1. Thanks for your note Dustin, here is how you can help, attend and bring your friends to the meeting. details below.

      The VGPA is hosting a Candidates Public Forum for the election of the new Park Board Commissioners. Please plan on attending to show your support for the continued use of Langara as a Golf Course.

      Where: Langara Golf Course
      Date: Wednesday October 5
      Time: 6.30 – 8.30pm

      Over the past four years golf has been under attack by Park Board commissioners, with Langara Golf Course dead in their cross-hairs. In this critical moment, it’s crucial that we elect a pro-golf Park Board to ensure the continued use of Langara in its present format.

      Vancouver Golf Players Association.

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