Golf Talking Points

Do I have to be a good golfer to play Vancouvers Courses ?

Nope- Many of us hardly ever break 100, so all comers are in good company.

  • Under 80 – 5%
  • 80-89 – 21%
  • 90-99 – 29%
  • 100-109 – 24%
  • 110-119 – 10%
  • 120+ – 11%

Who plays golf on the Vancouver Municipal Courses?

72.61% are adults aged 19-64, 26.48% are seniors 65 and over and 0.91% are youth up to the age 18. The oldest golfer playing for one Vancouver Club is 93 years and still walks the courses. Seniors are over represented by census population (17.02%) and youth are underrepresented(14.66%). Women comprise the fastest growing segment of new golfers.

How much water is used irrigating the Vancouver Municipal Golf Courses?

In 2020, Park Board golf courses accounted for just 1% of institutional water use, and only .05% of overall water use in the City of Vancouver. Irrigation of Park Board golf courses accounts for 6.4% of the total water used for irrigation across the entire parks and recreation system. In 2020, 56% of all irrigation water used was non-potable, it came sources other than the treated water supply.

Is golf participation in Vancouver increasing or decreasing?

Demand for golf tee times have increased with record number of rounds played in 2021 with over 230,000 rounds played. This number compares to 144,382 rounds played in 2019 (previous full year of golfing). For 2021 the projections for the YE are 73,000 per course.

What revenue, if any, do the Board of Parks and Recreation get from Vancouver’s golf courses? 

According to the Budget gross revenue for golf is expected to rise to $11, 391 million in 2022. Gross expenditure is expected to be $7.445 million with a record net surplus of $3.946 transferred to General Revenue for use in service areas other than golf.

The 2022 Budget is likely conservative as the actual 2021 NET Profit from Golf Operations was $6.2M, money that is used to maintain sports other than golf. Part of the jump in net profits is explained by the addition of Golf Booking fees, previously unreported in golf revenue. This amounted to an additional $1.3 million in 2021

Golf is the Park Board’s second largest source of operating revenues, generating $11.8M (16% of PB total) in 2019.

How popular is Golf in British Columbia?

In British Columbia golf attracts the largest number of participants of any sporting activity.   Golf is a lifelong sport and is attractive to all ages. 5.7 million Canadians play golf competing in approximately 60 million rounds annually.  31% of all golfers in BC are over the age of 65

How does the usage of Vancouver municipal courses compare with other lower mainland facilities?

A 10 year history (2008 – 2018) shows an average 35% higher rounds than the lower mainland industry average.

How is the maintenance of the golf courses funded?

Golf operations has a self funded (paid by golfers) reserve account for capital projects associated with the golf courses

How does the biodiversity of the city golf courses benefit Vancouver City?

“Urban green spaces have significant potential to support urban biodiversity and biodiversity conservation (Shwartz et al., 2014). Notably, golf courses play a vital role in conserving urban biodiversity in several ways, including providing refuge for wildlife as a result of less human disturbance and preserved large old trees, a place to stop and refuel for migratory birds, and potential to provide ecological or functional connectivity among green spaces in an urban area.” Ref: BIODIVERSITY AUDIT OF VANCOUVER PARK