Golf Facts & Stats

Golf Facts and Stats.

January 2024
The use of the City-owned golf courses has increased significantly in recent years, rising from between 225,000 to 255,000 rounds played annually before the pandemic to well over 350,000 annually in 2022 and 2023

According to the Parks Board Budget, gross revenue for golf was expected to rise to $15.799 million in 2024. Gross expenditure was expected to be $ 8.458 million with a record net surplus of $7.341 million to be transferred to General Revenue for use in service areas other than golf.

Cost of golf courses completely funded by players.

The Vancouver City courses’ maintenance costs are entirely covered by course fees, contributing a net profit to the City of Vancouver. Golf operations, the Park Board’s second-largest revenue source, generate about 16% of the total revenue. Thanks to the self-sustaining Golf Reserve Fund, both operations and maintenance remain financially independent.

Just like other recreation facilities, golf courses, tennis courts, playing fields, playgrounds, and community centers demand specialized maintenance. In 2010, a decision to raise golf fees to “Market Rates” aimed to fund golf course upgrades. Vancouver committed to reducing fees once upgrades were financed, and by 2017, the upgrades were funded.