Golf Participation

Participation, Diversity and Inclusion – Who Plays Golf?

Golf holds a prominent position in British Columbia, attracting the largest number of participants across all sporting activities. As a lifelong sport, golf appeals to diverse demographics, with 5.7 million Canadians playing approximately 60 million rounds annually. Notably, 31% of golfers in BC are over the age of 65, and women, constituting the fastest-growing segment of new golfers in BC, predominantly prefer playing at local public golf courses.

The municipal golf courses stand out as the most successful Park Board initiative, catering to players of all ages and abilities year-round. With a capacity of 72 players per hour, each playing for approximately 4.5 hours, these courses operate at near capacity for at least 8 months a year. Accommodating 900 person hours of recreation per day per course, totaling 2700 recreation hours over the three courses daily, this statistic is unmatched by any other park or recreation facility in Vancouver.

Emphasizing diversity and inclusion, golf has modified rules for individuals with disabilities, including those who are blind, amputees, require canes or crutches, use wheelchairs, or have developmental disabilities. The BC Golf Association received the ‘Delivering On Diversity’ award at the annual SportBC awards for its commitment to advancing accessibility and inclusion. Minister Mark highlighted the association’s progress in making golf more welcoming and accessible, recognizing their significant contribution to promoting diversity in sports.

Are there any golf clubs I can join?

Beyond regular bookings at Public Courses, various Clubs organize competitive play, offering league opportunities for diverse groups. These leagues cater to Business Women & Men, Senior Women & Men, Very Serious Women & Men, as well as those with limited time for play. The following Golf Clubs regularly participate from one or more local courses.

Langara Mens Club

Langara Ladies Golf Club

McCleery Golf Club

McCleery Tuesday Ladies Club

McCleery Business Women G.C.

Fraserview Golf Club

Fraserview Tuesday Ladies Golf Club

Fraserview Business Ladies Club

Ladies Only Golf League

Musqueam Ladies Golf Club

West Point Golf Club (Plays year round on all three courses)

UGC Tuesday Ladies Golf Club

UGC Business Women

UGC Junior Golf Society

University Golf Club Weekend Men’s Club

University Golf Club MMGC

Vancouver Chinese Golf Club

Golf Courses in Excellent Condition