Party Responses on Langara

VGPA Question to candidates for Parks Board Commissioner.

Do you support maintaining all the current golf facilities in the City of Vancouver, and where possible to making further improvements to increase accessibility for golfers with diverse abilities?

ABC Party

ABC commissioner candidates are fully committed to not only preserve our golf courses, but enhance their maintenance and the golfers’ experience through improved booking and food & beverage services. (Response by Marie-Claire Howard)


Me and my team-mate Tricia Riley are not committed to any immediate changes with the golf courses.  If any change needs to be made,  I believe we should prepare a 25 year plan that can be widely consulted before enactment.  Land use needs change with time.  If golfers keep showing up and finding valuable use in our public golf courses, then in my view, we should continue to enable that. (Response by Tom Digby)

At this time COPE has not responded to the VGPA Question

TEAM Vancouver

We all know that the social and healthy element of golf is well-documented as it provides individuals with an opportunity to spend time with friends in great surroundings, while getting the exercise to stay fit and healthy. It also provides the much needed green habitat for wildlife.

I can say with assurance that all the TEAM Candidates are fully in support of ensuring that ALL golf courses in Vancouver are protected and supported. But to guarantee this assurance we need to have a full slate at Park Board. (Response by Michelle Mollineaux)

OneCity Vancouver

We understand that Vancouver’s courses are beloved by many golfers, and we want to leverage golf courses as high-quality green spaces for the entire community. Here are a few ways we hope to do that:

Lower barriers to learning and playing golf with gear sharing, lessons, and discount days.
Increase safe trail access for non-golfers through expanded perimeter trails and explore the possibility of trails within courses.
Enhance and naturalize water features connected to blue green rain water systems. (Response by Serena Jackson)


“We believe that golf courses are an integral part of healthy lifestyle in our city, and they should not be modified into anything else. It is undeniable that more of green spaces are needed, however, it is not the golf courses that need to compensate for this issue. More green spaces should be coming from developers”. (Response by Olga Zarudina)

The position of Jason Upton, Park Board Candidate and the entire NPA caucus is to keep Langara and all the Vancouver golf course in their present configuration. We do not support shortening any courses to 9 holes and believe golf is a fun, recreational sport for all ages and should be preserved. Our golf courses are very well used and enjoyed and precious to Vancouverites. We vow to protect them and the sport. The idea of housing or other development in the current golf courses, is upsetting and should never happen”(Response by Jason Upton)


Thank you so much for the information you have provided. I will read it and bring it to a policy meeting of vote socialist. (Response by Andrea Pinochet-Escudero)